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Tejuino beverage in Puerto Vallarta

Every corner in Mexico offers food, drinks and a wide varied experiences, when talking about Puerto Vallarta, within all these things we can find a very typical drink from this country region (west) called tejuino.

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What is tejuino? It is considered a <corn beer> and “the preparation process of the drink varies from one ethnic group to another, but is usually made with germinated corn grains in the dark, they are ground into metate and cooked in a lot water for several hours to obtain a yellowish atole (thick water) that once is cool it should be strain. The recovered liquid is poured into tesgüineras pots, then a catalyst or fortifier is added and allowed to ferment for 1 to 10 days or more. ” – wikipedia

Its consistency is a little thick, of a color that looks like a mix of coffee and milk and the fermentation feels very refreshing when you drink it.

In Puerto Vallarta is very easy to find tejuino sellers on the street when you do a tour at the city downtown. It is very popular and refreshing for hot days at this beautiful destination.

If you are a person who like to experience the habits and customs of the places you visit, then trying this ancient drink should be part of your to-do list on your next trip to Puerto Vallarta.


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