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Shopping malls in Puerto Vallarta

Besides the tourist attractions that Puerto Vallarta offers to all its visitors there are also several places in the city where you can make purchases of all kinds.


No matter where in the city you are staying there will always be an option close to you.


Among the options we have Plaza Marina, close to the airport, here you will find a supermarket, convenience stores, banks, ATM’s and fast food and “home-made food” business premises.



In the Marina residential area you will find Nima Bay, with small renowned shops for coffee, wines and spirits, accessories besides being a perfect point where you can choose restaurants and bars of different concepts.


Plaza Galerias Vallarta is in a mid-point and is one of the most crowded, here there is a cinema, restaurants, a big department store, sports, footwear and dress as well as a casino where they get to perform nightly shows occasionally.


Plaza Peninsula is a small place where you will find a renowned coffee shop, a casino and one of the most popular nightclubs where they play old tunes.

Plaza Caracol, is one of the first in the city and over time has been evolving and growing to adapt to current changes and needs. In this place you will find a supermarket, a cinema, a department store, a small bowling alley, food court, a casino, as well as numerous businesses with all kinds of goods.

Located next to each other you will find Plaza Las Glorias and Plaza Genovesa that for different circumstances do not have all of their premises open, but those that open to the avenue offer different options for visitors, among restaurants, shops, banks, cashiers and pharmacies.

Macroplaza, is not located on the tourist strip, is further into the city in case you want to venture further, here you will also find a cinema, clothing and sports facilities, food, a Walmart, bank and ATM’s.

The newest to be inaugurated on December 8th is La Isla Puerto Vallarta, just over 100 meters from Friendly Vallarta and with shops selling international clothing, perfumes, accessories, movies, restaurants, coffee, electronics, etc. With an open space concept.

Whether for a souvenir, something you forgot to pack, having a meal with the family, watch a movie or find something unexpected, in Puerto Vallarta you will have different options outside the hotel to spend a nice day.

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