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New Year In Puerto Vallarta

The New Year’s celebration in Puerto Vallarta becomes an event where the whole city gets involved, unlike Christmas that is more a familiar thing. To finalize the year many locals and especially visitors, meet along the boardwalk to witness the fireworks spectacle.


Every year, thousands of people gather in the center of Puerto Vallarta to welcome the New Year, almost two kilometers from the boardwalk, beach areas and adjacent streets to live together and spend a night full of party.

Some families arrive early to settle in and have the best place to appreciate the fireworks that happens just at midnight.

Many businesses around also offer special dinners to be able to enjoy the show nearby without being in the crowds.

If you are going to be around and your plan is to celebrate on the boardwalk, we invite you to be responsible by keeping the areas clean where you are going to be, leaving the trash in its place and respecting the city without bad behaviors.

There will be checkpoints in which glass containers will not be allowed to enter. So keep that in mind and get ready.

Complying with these recommendations you should not have problems to celebrate the New Year‘s party in Puerto Vallarta.

Happy Holidays!

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