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Botanical gardens in Puerto Vallarta: A wonderful landscape


Puerto Vallarta has a diversity of touristic attractions, from the beach to the activities that nearby towns offer to Vallarta’s tourism. One of the touristic attractions that Puerto Vallarta offers is the Botanical Garden Vallarta.

The Botanical Garden Vallarta is located in Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco, about 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta on the federal road to Barra de Navidad. It is a natural park with botanical collections of more than 3,000 species, in addition to an orchid farm of 100 different species.

The activities that can be done inside the Botanical Garden Vallarta are:

  • Swimming in the Horcones River
  • Have lunch at La Hacienda de Oro Restaurant
  • Early Bird opening (From December to March)
  • Tour through its various gardens
    • Orchid Garden
    • Carnivorous plants collection
    • Agaves Garden
    • Jungle Trails

This ecological paradise seeks to boost ecotourism, and of course it’s a great experience for a family walk, as a couple or just one with nature. Don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent, blocker, comfortable clothes, shoes suitable for walks and swimsuit!


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