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Ecofriendly Practices


In Friendly Vallarta we want to contribute to the preservation of the environment and therefore we have some ecofriendly practices, which allow us to save water and energy, in addition to having a program control and waste recycling.


Electric energy saving

In our main pool we have installed a system whereby is possible to increase energy savings to maintain the optimum temperature in the water for the guests during winter by reusing energy from the air conditioning system. In addition, we managed to optimize the use of 4 fans equivalent to 22.37 kw, now only one is used.


Gas Saving

Because we avoided the implementation of water heaters of the pool, we avoided the gas consumption in them. We use tools that allow us to equalize the water temperature (an exchanger) by means of which we preheat the water with techniques that allow us to reduce the use of the gas, thus benefiting the atmosphere.


Water Saving

We are aware of how important is the reasonable use of this liquid. In our cooling towers, we use the water of the purges to water our beach, including the volleyball court, in addition, in the bathroom of the workers we apply the reused water to reduce the water consumption. Our gardens are also part of this water saving program.


Nest creation

This is our next Ecofriendly practice to start, we will create nests for the hatching of the turtle eggs that through the Ecology department, we collaborate for their protection of any predator of this species.


Recycling and Waste Control

Organic trash

30% of the organic waste is used on a pig farm. The 70% is taken to the municipal landfill.


Inorganic trash

  • PET – Every month, 200 kg of plastic PET are stored and delivered to an external supplier.
  • Glass – Glass is stored in separate containers in 3 colors: light, dark and green.  Every month 2400kg are delivered.
  • Cardboard – Every month are stored, compacted and delivered 600 kg of cardboard for recycling.
  • Plastic containers – 20lts are returned to the suppliers or 40 plastic containers are sold each month.
  • Debris – This kind of waste is channeled to sanitary landfill owned by the city of Puerto Vallarta, the amount is variable.
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