Jesus Rodriguez

Sayulita, a town full of magic


Sayulita is a small town of approximately 2,300 habitants that is located in Banderas Bay in the southern state of Nayarit on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Tourism in this magical village is very high, especially during the summer season, due to its famous beach with large waves for surfing. Many tourists are surfers and others visit it for the culture, art, history and traditions of the town.

The fauna of this area is very diverse, you can find pumas, jaguars, iguanas, badgers, whales… but you can see them very occasionally. Another attractive tourist attraction is the nightlife because every weekend there are parties and clubs to go to.

Something very common in tourists is to camp on the beach and enjoy the night. Sayulita is located 38 km from Puerto Vallarta International Airport and to arrive in  Sayulita you can reach by private or public transportation by road.

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