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Adrenaline Lovers!

In addition to the tours and walks that your loved one and the whole family may enjoy, Puerto Vallarta offers to the extreme adventurers a wide variety of outdoor activities, or underwater. Are you ready to get dirt, or wet, in the search of the best adventure? The most popular activities among the visitors and those thirsty of adrenaline are:

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  • Diving: Banderas Bay has an underwater world totally available to you to go and discover it. Between the most popular diving areas are: Las Caletas, Las Marietas and Los Arcos.


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  • Surf: Puerto Vallarta is popular among the surfers and they all know that the best surfing beaches to surf are between 30-40 minutes north to the city. The most popular beaches for surfing: Sayulita, San Pancho, Veneros, Punta Burros, and to the south of the city, Quimixto.


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  • Canopy: Following a route established through the forest and other breathtaking landscapes, this practices has become very popular in Puerto Vallarta, because of the ecological experiences, besides, Flying over the treetops? Let’s go!


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  • Flyboard: This practice is taking more popularity day by day! It offers you one of the most amazing sensations! An engine, water, a 20 meter hose and you can fly and perform the craziest acrobatics ever.


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  • Skydiving: Because not everything is water, forest and land, the skies of Puerto Vallarta will be the scenario to throw you literally from an airplane. Adrenaline and fun, and while falling, observe the best view of the Bay.



Tours and activities you can do during your visit or many visit to Puerto Vallarta! You will want to do them all.

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