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Surf in Puerto Vallarta


Surfing in Puerto Vallarta has gained great popularity in the world of this great sport. What makes the practice of surfing attractive? Well, all year round the water temperature is hot and surfing is perfect, there are also many beaches to visit that will make you fall in love with this sport.

The Cove

The best place to surf in Bahía de Banderas. Many of the local guides recommend this place for surfing. Recommended at high tide, because at low tide it can be so simple to surf, although the latter can benefit the new adventurers. To get to this beach, you must take a boat from Punta Mita or walk 40 minutes.

Surf in Puerto Vallarta El Anclote

El Anclote

El Anclote

Beach recommended for beginners and place par excellence for the practice of long board in Punta Mita and with a slow and gentle swell.

La Lancha

Another place is known for the long board practice in Punta Mita, mostly because of the tide it receives. Located 40 minutes from the town or can also be reached by boat.

Punta Burros

The most popular point to surf, located south of Punta Mita and easy access to the beach, its waves allow surfing with either short or long board. Here you can surf practically all year round.

Los Veneros

Another popular beach located south of Punta Mita, perfect for short board practice but you will also find long boards.

Las Albercas

North of Los Veneros, here you can paddle a bit to enjoy a reward worthy of surfers.

La Playa

Very close to Los Veneros too, this beach offers a sandy bottom, excellent waves, and tubes for surfing.

Surf in Puerto Vallarta Sayulita

Surfing in Sayulita


Surfing in Sayulita is a classic, regardless of its tide, offers excellent waves for both surfing with short or long board, and has hosted the Stand Up Paddle World Championships in 2015.


A small town in Cabo Corrientes south of Puerto Vallarta is one of the beaches of the Bay of Banderas that has no access by land and is only reached with pangas (water taxis). It is the place with the best surf in the area. Quimixto is a place with beach breakers and unlike the rest of the Bay, they are more reliable in the summer months. There are breaks from the right and the left and as it is not very easy to get there, there is rarely much competition for the waves.

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