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A Different Christmas in Puerto Vallarta


A Different Christmas in Puerto Vallarta

December has many meanings, and the holiday season has many reasons to celebrate.

Christmas is not the only time to be with family and friends, but also to be in peace with ourselves, to seek the peaceful and harmonious spirit. When you think of Puerto Vallarta, the images of mistletoe and Christmas decorations is not the first thing that comes to mind; However, the shopping centers, the struggles about the laborious Christmas dinner, can turn off the Christmas mood, making many people to look for a great place to spend their holidays. For those who wish to celebrate A Different Christmas in Puerto Vallarta, you will not regret.

If you are running away from the cold of your city, the Vallarta’s winter reaches an average of 26 °; the constant sun, the warm weather and the blue sky will scare away the melancholy of winter allowing you to receive the Christmas spirit in its maximum splendor. Enjoy a refreshing drink or be in your room of Friendly Vallarta watching the sunset, this is just the right thing to recharge your batteries, fill yourself with the good vibes, sunshine and enjoy Puerto Vallarta.

Mexican culture has deeply rooted traditions, among them, the spirit of Christmas and on December is the perfect time to experience some of the most entertaining events in Vallarta. From the 1st to the 12th of December, the Festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe is a tradition that for almost 100 years became a celebration of friendship between Vallarta and the visitors, an extra attraction to the varied touristic offer of Puerto Vallarta. During the pilgrimages, the faithful gather to venerate the Virgin Morena and accompany her with songs and praises; the tour always has a festive atmosphere with mariachi music or band. Whether you like to participate in a caravan or just go to observe, there are food stalls throughout the journey to enjoy this tradition.

During this days, just as tourists migrate from their cold cities to the heat of Vallarta, the giants of the sea take over the bay whose warm waters are perfect for reproduction. The humpback whales arrive every year to surprise the locals and visitors with their spectacular jumps as they know how to do, and if you are lucky, from the comfort of Friendly Vallarta Hotel, you will see them jumping and swimming. However, if you want to live the best experience of having them swimming next to you, the whale watching tour is an adventure that you definitely do not want to miss in your next vacation.

And if you only want to visit the city without leaving the hotel, the festive atmosphere inside Friendly Vallarta will make you feel more at home, with the various activities, the warmth of each person who will attend you and the comforts that the hotel offers. Because here We will make you feel that you never left home, because there is no better Christmas celebrated than in your home away from home.

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