What to do in Puerto Vallarta? Discover the wonders that await you

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What to do in Puerto Vallarta?

What to do in Puerto Vallarta

What to do in Puerto Vallarta?” Surely you’re wondering right now that you’re planning your next vacation and have chosen to visit the most friendly city in the world as your next destination, but still do not know about the wonders that the city has for you and everything you can do.

What to do in Puerto Vallarta

To start, visit all the beaches that Puerto Vallarta has, and when you finish, visit the beaches of Riviera Nayarit or the towns south of the city. Wherever you want, there are beaches. Right in front of the Malecón of Puerto Vallarta, the Playa Dorada with easy access and perfect for recreational bathers who only seek sun or just walk along the beach while visiting the city center. To the south of the city, Mismaloya offers a scenario endowed with fine sand and regular waves with a sea of intense green color. Perfect for both water activities and areas, such as diving and parachuting. Boca de Tomatlán, especially in the rainy season, is when the water of the lagoon meets the sea water, creating a beautiful barrier which both ecosystems coexist before the eyes of tourists.

Now going north, in the state of Nayarit, on the beautiful boulevard of Riviera Nayarit, you should not miss the beaches of Bucerias, Sayulita and San Pancho, offering waves for water activities such as diving, kayaking and surfing.

And if you’re a fan of water sports, Puerto Vallarta offers extreme adventurers a variety of sports. Are you willing to get wet in search of the best adventure? Among the most popular sports is surfing, the best beaches to surf are between 30 – 40 minutes north of the city. The most popular beaches for surfing: Sayulita, San Pancho, Veneros, Punta Burros, and to the south of the city, Quimixto. Other sports that are practiced are kayaking, diving, Flyboard and paddleboard, which has become very popular in recent years and Vallarta has not been the exception, so trying something new will be worth the experience.

A lot of beach and a lot of sea is the perfect combination for the best vacations, but enjoying yourself will only make you very hungry. The best thing is that the cuisine of Puerto Vallarta is exquisite, using as its main ingredient: seafood. Typical dishes of Puerto Vallarta are ceviche, smoked marlin,  “envarasado” shrimp or fish and aguachile shrimp or fish. Although not everything is the fruit of the sea, all the above must be well accompanied by a refreshing tuba or tejuino, or why not, an authentic tequila or the many craft beers that already exist in the port.

We know you won’t want to leave the amenities of the Friendly Vallarta Hotel, but you certainly can not miss the opportunity to visit the magical towns just outside of Puerto Vallarta. A magical town is a locality with symbolic attributes, legends, stories, magic that emanate in each one of its cultural manifestations, and nowadays they represent a great opportunity for tourist use. Near Puerto Vallarta, there are 4 magical towns that offer their magic to those who visit them: San Sebastián del Oeste, Mascota and Talpa de Allende located a few hours from the city; and Sayulita located in the tourist boulevard of Riviera Nayarit, about 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta.

What to do in Puerto VallartaAnd finally, a visitor who has been to Puerto Vallarta, the person who will tell you a truth: The sunsets in the bay are legendary. A work of art brushstroke in the blue sky, where the sun gives the orange colors and the white clouds are mixed, they give us a spectacle of nature itself. Throughout the year there are sunsets, a different one from the previous day, each one creates a mixture of colors that when admiring the sky, it perplexes us, it takes out sighs and changes our mood.

What do you need to see a sunset? Simple, be willing to see it. Just choose the place where you want to wait: the beach, the pool, from the balcony of your room, riding along the beach, walking along the boardwalk, surfing, fishing; the options are endless. Wherever you are, wherever you are in Puerto Vallarta, you have to look at the sky and see the sunset, you should not miss them.

With all the above, you will need to schedule two trips to Puerto Vallarta, because there is so much to do that in one visit you will not have enough and you will have to return to venture into the wonders of the city, because the best thing you can do in Puerto Vallarta is Always do something different every day!

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