How to get to Puerto Vallarta: By plane or highway?

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How to get to Puerto Vallarta

It is important to decide how to get to Puerto Vallarta once you have decided the best dates to visit it.
In this article we do not consider cruises since the ports they visit are not the main destination for vacationing. Neither trains, because to get to Puerto Vallarta, there are no train lines.

While it is true that using planes can be more expensive than using a car, it is true that planes are faster, and that you can get cheap plane tickets. Anticipation is the key. Regardless of the fares that each airline manages, you will find out that buying your plane tickets months before arriving in Puerto Vallarta is your best option when you come from far away, like outside of Mexico.
Some of the airports from which you can get to Puerto Vallarta in direct flights are:

  • The one in Torotno (Pearson International Airport) 5:25 hrs
  • The one in Los Angeles (Inernational Airport) – 3:10 hrs
  • The one in Tijuana (General Abelardo L. Rodríguez) – 2:45 hrs.
  • The one in Monterrey (General Mariano Escobedo) – 1:35 hrs.
  • The one in Mexico City (Benito Juarez) – 1:25 hrs.

We recommend use this search flight engine to look up for your ideal flight.

Once your are in Mexico, getting to Puerto Vallarta by car is cheaper, especially if you come with your family or your group of friends. You can get there from the roads of Nayarit (north), Cabo Corrientes (south) or La Desembocada (east):

Getting to Puerto Vallara using car.

How to get to Puerto Vallara using the highways.

Keep in mind that if you arrive from federal highways, like the ones from north or south, you will have to pay taxes. There are many bus lines that offer service to Puerto Vallarta; the good thing about purchashing bus ticktes is that these taxes we were mentioning before are already included in the bus ticket price. The final cost and time will depend on your current location.

We hope this article help you on how to get to Puerto Vallarta.


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