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La Joya de Mismaloya tour

Tourism in Mismaloya
If you come to Puerto Vallarta and didn’t make La Joya de Mismaloya tour it is like you weren’t come.
The town of Mismaloya is located on highway number 200, only 18 kilometers south of Puerto Vallarta. It is a small town but at the same time it’s very popular because of its beauty, sightseeing, and tranquility. If you are in Puerto Vallarta you can get there by bus or by taxi. For the bus, you have to take the orange one in Basilio Badillo street junction with Constitucion street, Olas Altas.

Discover what Mismaloya has to offer for you

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Upon arrival you will find the Mismaloya town, which was the setting for the 1963 film The Night of the Iguana by director John Houston. He loved the town, so he bought a house and spend many of his years pacefully there. This film changed the world’s image about Puerto Vallarta in the 20th century, because, like Mismaloya, it went from being a small fishing village to a world-class tourist destination full of experiences.

John Huston with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor

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In Mismaloya town you have the opportunity to ride a horse (some people still use it as transportation), enjoy the unique beauty of the beach, and eat fresh seafood or drink a refreshing cocktail in a ramada. The ramadas are traditional restaurants of the port whose roof is made of dry palm branches, and of course they have view of the sea.

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Crossing the highway, it is the entrance to the town where the river Eden flows into. Here another movie was filmed: Predator, starring Arnold Schwarzeneger. If you are visiting you can take a picture next to the remains of the helicopter used during the filming.

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