Hiking trails for walking and discovering in Puerto Vallarta

Hiking trails to visit in Puerto Vallarta

Discover the beautiful views that Puerto Vallarta has to offer through its hiking trails. It is a great opportunity for those who enjoy being in contact with nature, exercising or taking incredible panoramic photos.

These are some of the hiking trails to visit in Puerto Vallarta:

Trail through the Pulpito rock

Hiking trails to visit in Puerto Vallarta: Pulpito Rock | Photo by: homeinmexico.com

It is a short trail through a large rock about 3 meters height with a great view of the ocean. The ascent has steps and the descent is a solid ground and rocks. We recommended this trail for hiking beginners or children.


Trail to the La Cruz viewpoint

Hiking trails to visit in Puerto Vallarta: La Cruz | Photo by: vallartadaily.com

It is a popular trail among tourist and local people, which takes around 25 minutes. Witnessing the sunsets and sunrises at La Cruz is breathtaking. We recommend to wear comfortable clothes, bring a snack and water since there is no where to get food at top of La Cruz.


Trail to Colomitos beach

Hiking trails to visit in Puerto Vallarta: Colomitos beach | Photo by: TripAdvisor

One of the most popular trails in the area since its end is the famous Colomitos beach. It is a journey through the mountain. The trail is firm and safe; there are no dangerous animals and it is a busy area. Just keep in mind that there are no public toilets and the trail is long (approximately 40 minutes), so we do not recommend carrying heavy objects such as coolers, umbrellas, large food containers, tents…


Trail to Palo Maria river

Hiking trails to visit in Puerto Vallarta: Palo Maria river | Photo by: @emilioviajando

This is a journey for a little more experienced people; It is an irregular road full of stones of different sizes. Traveling comfortable and light is essential. However, any long way has its reward: at the end of the path you come across a waterfall and a lagoon full of little fish.


The best of the hiking trails is that they are an excellent alternative to learn more about Puerto Vallarta at a minimal cost and without damaging the environment; You just need comfortable clothes, sunscreen, insect repellent, a bottle of water and some refreshments.



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