Travel to Puerto Vallarta: useful recommendations to be prepared

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Travel to Puerto Vallarta is one of the things that everyone should do at least once in their life.

If your next vacation is in this beautiful city, we share our recommendations for your visit:


Holiday seasons
Puerto Vallarta is known by having periods of the year where there are many visitors and others where there are few ones (high and low season). In high season, hotel prices are usually higher, we recommend making reservations in advance. Travel to Puerto Vallarta in low season, besides being cheaper, it is quieter and there are usually promotions in many restaurants.


Climate in the city
To travel to Puerto Vallarta keep in mind that throughout the year it is “very hot” or “little hot”. If you are looking for a warm climate we recommend coming from June to August, otherwise from December to February. If you want to know more about the weather in Vallarta throughout the year click here.


How to travel to Puerto Vallarta
The best options in relation to price-time are flights and buses / private car. The key to finding a good price for a plane ticket is the advance purchase; While the advantage of a bus ticket is that the price is maintained throughout the year. The costs depend totally from where you travel. Click here to learn more about transportation to Puerto Vallarta.


It is important to speak or know Spanish to travel to Puerto Vallarta; The English language is also accepted.


Mexican pesos and US dollars are the coins received to travel to Puerto Vallarta. other international currencies must be exchanged for the mentioned currencies.



  1. Los Muertos pier.
  2. Mirador de la Cruz.
  3. Romantic area and pier.
  4. Municipal market.
  5. Isla Cuale
  6. Church.
  7. Hidalgo Park.
  8. Lazaro Cardenas Park.
  9. Art Galeries.
  10. Marina Vallarta Malecón
  11. Malls.

Know our complete guide in this link to know more details to travel to Puerto Vallarta.

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