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The perfect holiday is complete when you pamper yourself with a spa service in Friendly Vallarta Beach Resort & Spa and its various options that offer the best to relax your body and free your mind.

We invite you to choose from more than 50 services from our extensive menu


* Prices and conditions subject to changes without prior notice. Please check prices by calling +52 (322) 226 46 47 Ext. 5313

SPA Specials:


It Is an ancestral technique that allows the energy flow through pressure and rubbing points in different parts of the body. This therapy relieves mental and physical stress.

Duration: 25 - 50 minutes.


Japanese technique based on digital pressure that allows to the therapist to connect with the patient through his breathing, strengthens the body, increases energy, regulates the digestive system and increases the immune system’s defense, the body remains in a state of deep relaxation.

Duration: 60 minutes.


Hot stones or Chakra alignment, prepares the body for a therapy that allows the balance of the energy centers through volcanic stones that are strategically placed in the 7 chakras, achieving an alignment of energy and a state of harmony and peace.

Time: 90 minutes.

HONEYMOON ( for 2 )

Shared moments are good, and with your loved one are better. In Friendly Vallarta Beach Resort & Spa we offer a couples treatment consisting of a soft and relaxing massage with delicious scents and aromas. The couple will not only share a moment of peace and connection with their emotions, but leave them ready to consummate the time with a bottle of complimentary champagne.

Time: 60 minutes.